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communeofdoom's Journal

commune of doom
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There is a commune. There is doom. There are geeky musicians and a fizzy cyst. This sounds like a bad film trailer.
bicycles, canoes, dead composer sitcoms, deep-fried tourists, dissertation_supervisor!tamino, doom, dumb musician humor, ed and fred, fellowship of the ring-cycle, fizzicks, frank coats, geekiness, geeky musicians, gene wilder, george & davis, ghetto richard strauss, good-quality chocolate, goosetav mallard, greenland, hammers, irc, mahler and rückert, mahler's 6th, mel brooks, music-geekery, mussorgsky as soprano, naftule brandwein, nyet, offstage flugelhorn solos, queerness of whatever variety, robert rankin, shostakovich's glasses, simon keenlyside as papageno, small waterfowl, snow shoes, sporks, teh_duck_hat of papageno!, terry pratchett, the buffalo joke, the commune of doom, the milk tomahawk, the mongolian wok, the producers, the wise guys, thomas adès' hairstyle, too much free time, weird hats, yiddish radio